Become a Partner

Great! Together, we can continue offering amazing giveaways, provide bucket loads of cash for our charities, cross promote and help market our businesses and offer great deals to our collective customers. Here is where we will explain how it works.

Cornerstone has three essentialdivisions that we deliver on:

Charity Donations

We can guarantee at least 30% of our profits go straight to a nominated charity of our choice. That's a 3rd of what we make from membership sales. We will be officially audited publically to ensure complete transparency.

Exclusive giveaways

We will offer unique prizes from various businesses. They can be physical or digital products, services, houses, holidays, experiences, vehicles or cash. There is no limit. Your business could potentially be offering a big giveaway in the future.

Members Discounts

Folks need a reason to pay a monthly or annual membership: that reason will be a combination of exciting giveaways and our awesome Member Offers portal. We'll work with you to determine what discounts you can offer through us.

We are offering the opportunity forfoundation partners to join our growinglist of businesses for FREEForever.

By supporting us from the outset there will never be a fee to be our partner

You will never be a revenue stream

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What you'll get

As a foundation partner you'll receive a profile on our website with direct access to your company, you’ll be given marketing opportunities through our lists and member database, we’ll also be promoting you on our socials and the future Cornerstone Community Podcast. We’ll be driving website traffic to you, attracting new customers, and boosting your brand reputation.

You will also be invited to exclusive events that will showcase your support of our charity work, promote your business, network effectively in a media, customer and partner filled environment

  • Profile on website
  • Access to marketing lists
  • Promotion via us on Socials
  • Website traffic driven to you
  • Attract new customers
  • Boost brand reputation
  • Invitation to VIP Events
  • Networking possibilities
  • Media Coverage

Apply today!

    Current Partners

    A list of partners already on board

    “I’m committed to making Cornerstone Community the number one Australian membership organisation that can respond to the needs of charities in communities across the country. Together we’ll generate dollars to provide life changing experiences, prize giveaways and discounts for members at the same time as we’re helping people that really need a hand”

    - Steve Wisbey | Founder

    Better Odds

    Entries limited to 7000 per giveaway, meaning our members have a higher chance of winning.


    At least 30% of each promotions profit will go to a charity of your choice.

    Unique Giveaways

    All of our giveaways are designed to enhance your life. You won’t find souless prizes at Cornerstone.

    Gearing up

    Accepting memberships soon

    We are almost ready to begin accepting memberships. Watch this space as things unfold. In the meantime, you can visit our giveaways page to see what promotions will be running first up, our partners page to see who is currently on board for exclusive members discount or our "become a partner" page if you're a business who wants to get in on the action.

    You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.